Friday, February 01, 2008

redneck woman

oh Gretchen....

we all know that living in that city that I hold so dear to my heart, you can't be a redneck woman.

Fun Fact: You share the same name as a popular country artist, Gretchen Wilson who grew up some 30 minutes from my current home. You may also like to know that I worked with her cousin. That makes me more of a redneck woman than you... as you are living in the Wa-Wa world of mine filled with Pirogies, hoagies and soft pretzels... but don't be jealous. You can claim this one as your cousin.


Anonymous said...

my heart actually stopped for a second. I even looked around the room to make sure there wasn't a hidden camera in my classroom.

still tryin to stop smiling, but I just can't. seriously, I keep scrolling over the link to April's blog just to make sure it's actually ME you're referring to. And, by golly, it is.

this has made my day...quite possibly my week (not much excitment on the docket for this week.)

Suzanne STL...we are officially friends! (that is if you're not too weirded out by my stalker-ish behavior)

~THE redneck woman~

Suzanne said...

Any girl born in PA is a friend of mine. Plus the fact that you are related to April... we were born to be friends.

I am the queen of blog-stalking. I have way too many feeding into my google reader and comment from time-to-time. They are public blogs after all, right?

So, hello friend:)

one of the 4 said...

YES dreams do come true

Suzanne said...

Once, I dreamed I would get a pony. Instead, I got a drawing book that I could draw ponies. It was tough to see the benefit a drawing book would bring then, but now I see how even that dream... the dream of having a pony... came true.