Saturday, February 16, 2008

painting, take 1

Last night started out as a night watching a movie... but...

There is this door, an extra door, that we found in our garage that I have been thinking for quite some time of using as a decorative piece. Finally last week I had the urge to use it and went down to that dungun and pulled the monstrosity that it is up to our house and cleaned it up. That bad boy was flipping dirty. 80 some inches tall and 15 inches wide, it is mainly glass with some green paint that is chipped. We, and I say *we* because I was able to get the man to help me, are turning into this monster shelve in our bedroom. He is much more handy than me. He knows the proper names of screwdrivers. I don't. Hammerhead? Yes.

I needed brackets which took forever to find and it took 3 trips to Home Depot for all the supplies. Those were fun trips too... describing things is not my specialty and describing screws, tools, or things I deem things-i-could-care-less-about falls totally off the radar. Round of applause of the workers of H.D. for persevering and not leaving me in my... hopelessness and helplessness.

Anyway, we had the needed items to get this shelf up last night, but it was movie night, but J was sweet to help anyway and as we (read "not S was") are drilling the holes J says, "we have plaster walls and we will be drilling and putting *something I don't remember* into the walls that we will need to remove once we paint the bedroom... we may want to paint before we put this shelf up".

We weren't planning on painting the bedroom for several months- mainly out of just not wanting of paint. But the shelf... the precious shelf... Both he and I are so impulsive, so... we ran to Home Depot and purchased the paint and now we are painting. Maybe that is not that random to the reader but the quickness in the sequence of events was astonishing.

Movie night. Putting shelf together. Wait we can't because we have to paint first. Ok, let's paint. And we're now painting an entire bedroom.

What stinks is we have to prime. That is where we are now... waiting for the primer to dry.

About 20 minutes ago I opened the windows and Toby attempted to perch his feet up on the windowsill, missed because he is so short, caught the wall so his feet are now covered in primer and walked on the hardwoods. Nice. He is now deemed the Lesser dog that screwed up the pretty hardwoods. We of course took him out back and gave him a good beating. No, we actually just washed his feet had a good chuckle all at his expense because seeing him try to jump and almost constantly miss things... just doesn't get old. We love you Tobs... we really, really do.


april said...

poor lesser.
what color? i mean i could NOT make a paint color decision that quickly, even though i'd want to. i hate decisions like that. pics please when you're done :) too bad we didn't talk about that tonight. or maybe we rely heavily on blog info passing!

the Halvorsons said...

love trips to lowes...home depot. married life. :) the shelf sounds really cool...can't wait to see pictures!

elissa said...

yes, what color? i am being sorely tempted to repaint my downstairs, and it is a losing battle of resistance. however, it takes me at least three trips to home depot to choose a color.