Monday, February 18, 2008

Inconsistency numero uno

I would drive a VW Bus. I'm sure in the Enterprise (or ERAC for all you former employees) the Bus would qualify as a minivan.

Lydia and I lived out of her parents Bus one spring break We ate Raman, met Romanian violin players and I scorched my face so badly that it was hard to the touch. We drove around listening to Harrod and Funck and met one of the women they sang about while camping at a FL state park. She seemed lonely and sad. We were not.

But that vehicle was awesome and I would totally drive the kiddos and their pups around in that thing, plus I think it will fit us all. AND, when we drive to see my family who lives forever away (quick gauge... 1 hour and 35 minutes time difference...), we don't have to get a hotel room. The back folds down.

We watched a pimp my ride where they pimped out an old Bus for this CA surfer. It looked like this:


and after

I don't think mine would have the 40'' flat screen, smoothie machine, board raiser, clothes dryer, or chill sign that pops out like a school bus sign
I will take the safari windows though. Yum. Oh and blue. Me likes me some blue.

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