Sunday, January 20, 2008

speakers, speakers and more speakers

In the 2.5 years of marriage we have started with, purchased, sold, upgraded, the following speakers, subwoofers and center channels:

1. JVC stereo
2. Axiom M3Ti's
3. Altec Valencias
4. ADS L810
5. Altec Santanas
6. Maudio M1
7. B&W, 2 pairs of 601's
8. Paradigm CC100's
9. KEF 107-2, 2 pairs
10. Mirage Ommisat
11. Mirage Nanosat
12. JBL Northpoints
13. Silvertone Retro speakers
14. JBL Creatures
15. Klipsch KL-525
A total of 5 subwoofers and 4 center channels

It is a constant flow in our house. What I love about this whole gig he has going on is the look on his face when he finds a new set of speakers (or sub) that has this new sound... a sound that I cannot hear myself, but that with his God-given amazing ears he can tell the difference between the Altec and the Axiom. He's fascinated by what is put out by these... speakers. And I love that fascination and I love that every time a new set comes to our house he sets them up, pops in that DVD and blares that concert that we all love...


one of the 4 said...

i have to tell you a funny story about my cousin. you out there gretch? rach? :)

the Halvorsons said...

and don't forget the acura speakers....those are unreal.