Saturday, January 26, 2008

my cousin

We had some friends over last night and one commented on the pottery in the kitchen asking where I got it- at first I just assumed it was purchased from PB or some other store I obsessed over long ago. But then I realized mid-conversation that my cousin does pottery for a living... she makes fantastic pottery. For our wedding she gave us these cups that I drink out of almost daily She's amazingly talented and I believe works with a group of other talented artists in Michigan. While we haven't kept up too much, I hear from time to time how she is doing- the shows that take place and this question from last night just sparked interest in her career.

So I googled her, naturally. I don't know the *rules* on posting official pictures from websites, so I'll link to it here. This is one of the bowls, you can click the arrow either left or right and see two more. There is a website for her studio, it is under construction, but go to it sometime in the future. I'll put the link off to my sidebar. I would love to have a gift like that... some friends from work and I are taking a glass up in St. Charles in February- making a mosaic mirror. I am so looking forward to it. Of course not just the art itself, but the fellowship with these friends. I've really enjoyed both of them. New friends are a blessing.

I love mornings like this... all are up, the lights are all off and the sun is peaking into the house giving us light. Coffee in hand and reading about friends from all over. Shane Bernard is playing. "The Lord is gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love... good to us." The end repeats this. Sometimes, most times, we (read "I") need this repeated over and over and over.

Caroline the dog and Oscar the hotdog in a full out tug-of-war:

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