Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have this friend

Who once drove to the beach... and with keys to car and cell phone (a.k.a. lifeblood) in pants pocket, dove into the ocean and returned a man wet, without keys to car and without cell phone in pants pocket.

I used to laugh at that story. I used to. Now I sympathize with that story because this morning my cell phone fell into the porcelain king. I went to sit down, heard a *kerplunk* and thought, "that's odd... that could not have come from..." and sure enough my lifeblood was sitting in the toilet.

Now, meet me .2 seconds after said kerplunk and my hands are in toilet, lifeblood in hand, desperately trying to remove the battery from the phone.

Water, dirty dirty dirty dirty water is all up in that thing and I am now without my contacts, my texting, my googlereader updating me on all my blogs throughout the day, the rare news stories I read, and any chance I'll get a phone call from who-knows-who.

I feel this void, this blackberry shaped hole in my heart. I see that sad Lysoled battery sitting on the Lysoled couch next to me and think, "you once provided life to something that provided joy to me".

Maybe that's sad to some of you, but one man's joy is another man's sorrow... or something like that.

On a more uplifting and more normal note: Jordan is back in the game. I can't remember if I updated everyone on that or not. But, he is full-swing back into the Craigslist gig. Our conversations went from 100% "honey-bunny-woo-woo, I wuv u" to "So, there's this guy in *enter city/county* who has this *enter device that I do not know/understand*...". I love it. I love that he's doing this again... the stories are interesting and he's just so good at it! Plus, it's always wonderful to see the man doing something he loves. I especially write this last part to the Dirks, and all the lifegroup back in Charlotte, they saw Jordan in his finest Craigslist moments. Atomic Geezer... shrunken heads... goodtimes.

Happy Saturday. Oh, and we named the Lesser One Oscar. Oscar Mayer Weiner. Thanks Micah and Bonz.


the Halvorsons said...

Sorry about the phone...great story though. :) Hope it comes back to life. I went out this afternoon....go to the end of the street and realized that I had forgotten my cell I had to go back home to get it! It's such a comfort and security to just have. haha...oh well. Hope yall are doing well.

Tyler said...

our prayers have been answered!