Thursday, January 17, 2008


One of the partners has Coldplay blaring in the office. When I say blaring I mean this:
It makes me feel like I've been at this party and I've been enjoying it just too much I need to step out... walk outdoors and just sit, soak it in. I can hear the music from outside and I can feel it inside me. I love the song and it makes me realize why I came to the house and why I'm friends with these people. I'm soaking it in and I don't want this night to end.
I love this feeling- I love that I can be at my work and experience this feeling. I'm been bogged down with the same drudgery all week and while I still enjoy it 75%, I love this break for now... hearing this music and feeling this feeling. I'm on the porch, swinging on the swing and beer in hand I'm loving this night.


one of the 4 said...

3 things:
1. yes let's do coffee when i get back in town!
2. does mr. zamir feel slighted that his titled is 'the lesser dog'?
3. i like your new pic above. is that a st louis snow??

Suzanne said...

Mr. Zamir should not feel slighted, after all, he sits on his throne all day long looking down at Caroline in this disgusting small-dog mocking face. "I'm small, I can sit on their laps..." Poor Caroline. We all pity her. So, at night we cage the rat and let sweet Caroline bunk up with her, so she can sit on her throne and remind him all night long that while he's behind bars, she's all cuddled up cozy with the rents.

we're good parents... or at least on our way;)

Lookout snow! How fun is that?!

Coffee when you return...

Dirks said...

it's a hot night...too hot to play it cool.

Dirks said...

it's a hot night...too hot to play it cool.