Friday, November 30, 2007

happy birthday daddio

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Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear creative master to all gardens in the south-east and now in the mid-west America. Happy birthday to you.

Growing up my dad left for work in a suit and tie almost everyday. He worked hard and long hours- sometimes traveling to crazy and exciting places. Though he was so busy I don't recall him missing a single soccer game of mine. Even in college my parents would drive 12 hours from Texas to Covenant to see a Saturday game, then drive 12 hours back. Dedication...

Back in high school he was re-located to Houston, Texas just before my senior year. I had just transferred to a small Christian school my junior year and had recently become a Christian. In every way my life had changed and was changing for the good. He saw this and decided to keep me there rather than pull me out and take my mom and me to Texas. Such a sacrifice. Of course I saw that as a sacrifice then, but through the eyes of a selfish 16 year old girl... still when I think of his decision to do this it catches my breath a little. I am married now and even a night apart from Jordan is hard. My parents endured being apart for an entire year.

So, thank you Dad. Thank you for that decision and that sacrifice for your child... that child who put you through so much back then, and still a bit today;)

My dad is retired now and loving life. He still works hard, but he now gets ready in the morning putting on stained t-shirts and beat-up pants to work in the garden. He has made their yard into this floral masterpiece. He loves it and he is so good at it. It is fun for us to see this transition of suit and tie to, well, what is pictured above. And as he says so often, "Monday is now my favorite day...". I don't think any working person looks forward to Monday. Retirement is good, isn't it Dad? You earned it... and we love that you share your knowledge and love of plants and flowers with your children.

Happy Birthday! We love you!

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