Thursday, November 29, 2007

celebrate good times, c'mon

I just wanted to inform, to the world, that yesterday was indeed a day of much celebration.

3 fabulous things took place...

1. an old friend was offered a wonderful job and decided to leave a difficult job he was in. God is so good.

2. love is in the air, at least down on the mountain . we hear wedding bells and cannot wait to watch the celebration and union of josh and corinne. we love you!

3. my dearest friend devon and her husband jason gave birth to their sweet, sweet daughter savannah joyce at 6:40.

yippee for new beginnings... for God's great blessing and guidance... for His amazing love and grace. we are all so blessed, in so many unique ways, and it was wonderful to see it take shape in three of our friends, all in one day.

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