Wednesday, November 28, 2007

centro v. pearl

And the pearl wins.

i love it, i love it, i love it.

What is so darn funny about this is this: As we are so flipping tired after a long evening of moving furniture and setting up the room and waiting for a ridiculously long time in the Sprint store, we decided it was then and only then we needed to differentiate our phones.

So on the bed I sat and on the floor he stood and we went through the ring tones.

J, "I have Lucid, Sonar, Eager and Crystal"

S, "But I love Sonar! That's the whole reason I wanted this thing"

By the way, if you are judging me for being a complete materialistic brat right now... your judgment is valid and welcomed.

Jordan, "Sonar is only for text messaging from you and Donny if you really want it you can have it"

S, "No, you love Sonar. Take it back. You can have it. I know how much you like it"

S programming Eager on her phone

Jordan, "Is that Eager? Wait, I have Eager"

S, "That's my wake up. I think it is ok if I have Eager to wake up to. You will be asleep and won't hear it. Can I have Eager?"

Jordan, "Oh ya, that's fine... I didn't realize it was your wake up. What's your ring?"

And you get the point. Our conversation continued for several more minutes as we debated a bit and conversed over ring tones. Yes, ring tones. For the record, Sonar almost caused a tiffy-tif-tif, but the strength in our relationship brought us through that tough time.

If you haven't heard Sonar, I strongly encourage you to. Text Jordan when you are around him... but don't text me. You'll hear EtVoila and through the power of compromise and indifference it is growing on me. I am generally ADD enough to forget the things I like.


one of the 4 said...

too bad i don't know these things your'e referring to...except maybe Eager. but i am glad to read that your relationship prevailed through such troublesome rough waters. i think that tech Dr. Bryan guy would say, 'to what advantage is technology?' is it the refining element of the sanctification in your relationship? or that last straw for that poor 'ol camel? :)
thanks for the story. it made me smile

one of the 4 said...

you are on a roll these past few days (as have my comments been)...i fully expect full size pictures of hollywood,dressup,fakechampagne,lonertable,christian,homily ,covenantchristmasparty very soon!