Tuesday, October 09, 2007

traveling fools

With Monday off of work and Covenant's homecoming set for the weekend, we packed the car, drugged the pup and headed south to the land of the Scots. Before anyone gets all PETA on me, Mr. Vet recommended said drugging... in fact, he almost Rxed us for this car ride. We politely neglected and believed in Caroline a bit more than the $10 Rx would. I think we were wise in our frugality as she only needed drugging on the first leg of the trip. 'Atta girl.

Yes, she's ready to be home. Mind you, soberly ready to be home.
That's our girl!!!

The weekend was quite wonderful- alumni and varsity games were a success and it was so good to catch up and see old friends. Sadly, some of my dearest were not in town... but another visit for another time.

I forgot just how annoying it was to drive up the mountain... and remembered about 1/26th of the way up as we were tailing a nice out-of-state family from Arkansas who could wait, just enough to make me go insane, to get to Ruby Falls. Oh-my-gosh-for-the-love they finally realized the point of the flagging teenager and he caught their eye as they moved their Taurus' booty over for us to pass... and then... what happens just so often: the selectively blind drivers. The engineers or whoever/whatever you call the people who designed and created Oches Highway and Scenic Highway were brilliant enough to install about 10 "Slow Drivers Pull Off".

You shouldn't feel bad about yourself if you yourself pull off. I have several times, silently and not so much cursing, but it happens. There will be times that someone is just faster. That's life, learn to live with it- or drive faster. But no, the people of Lookout have decided that these pull-offs are exclusive to visitors and visitors only. Problem is, visitors just don't understand. I think there needs to be a lesson on how the mountain works before anyone can ascend. Suggestion box? But I just don't get it and wow. I didn't realize that you (read "I") could get road rage outside of the car... but apparently you (I) can. New topic or picture? Picture.

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kurtjuliannehalvorson said...

Your little puppy is precious. Caroline...what a great name. How old is she?

Glad you had fun at Homecoming...wish we could've been there. Hope we can get together soon. J

Lydia said...

I'm really bummed I missed you!!! and I only saw jordan for a second at youth group :( next time ya'll visit you can stay with us now that we have a guest room.