Wednesday, October 03, 2007


and then there were three...

ok, so I'm not pregnant and we don't have a child. well we sort of do. we have a dog, and to people without children, a dog might as well be a child.

we introduce you, faithful and not so viewers to... Sweet Caroline.

oh my gosh i feel so maternal these past few days. i long for her during the day... in a totally balanced "i miss my dog/daughter" way. i can't drive home fast enough after work. yes that is partly due to the fact that i am semi (read VERY) unsatisfied at work, but regardless, i love this girl dog!

Let's see... a few firsts and fun facts.

Fun Fact: she pees squatting, but with her right leg slightly raised. picture to follow.

: this morning she felt comfortable enough at home to not stand outside the bathroom and cry for what seemed like forever, but rather settled in comfortably on our comfy green chair. i like that she feels at home and that we are totally ok with her getting on the chair.

Fun Fact
: she runs like a deer and prances like a daisy. i have no idea what a prancing daisy looks like, but if it is anything like Caroline, it's freaking adorable.

: she encountered her first child under the age of 1 today on our walk and was just a sweet pea to that inferior child!

Fun Fact
: that annoying dog next door that barks all the live long day? upon their meeting this afternoon, Caroline owned her/him. she quickly raced up to that fence, causing said dog to back away and truly show who would own this quarter of the block. love her tender feistiness. not sure if that's a word...

: she opened my heart to the reality that a child (a real child) could actually love me when she whined and cried when i left for work the other day. aw, i'm getting sentimental. that's sweet.

More pictures of our Sweet Caroline:

i have to say it, she's adobeble!


Alina said...

Suzanne, She is beautiful. What breed is she? I totally understand your love for your dog...we had Keller for about 1.5 years before Karis came along, and all the while that I was pregnant I would whisper to Keller that she was our dog baby and we were going to be having a human baby and no one could replace her as our dog baby. It seemed to work, but I realized I was ready for my human baby (or manchild, if you will) when I would bring 60lb. Keller onto my pregnant lap and attempt to rock her. Um, yeah. I would try to hide it from Matt and when he found me doing it I was embarrassed! Enjoy your dog baby.

Rebecca said...

She is so adorable, Suz! You are getting a taste of motherhood...its a new world - you'll love it! (I meant a baby, but it could totally mean dogs, too) I can't wait for Caroline to meet Soldier and Lucy. They will have SO MUCH fun!! Enjoy that sweet girl!

Dirks said...

I miss you guys too...thanks for naming your dog after me.
-Caroline aka Carrie
you didn't even know you missed me that much did you...