Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a horse of course

except replace "horse" with "roach".

yes, we encountered our first roach and with our dear house guests present no less. details of that fab visit to follow.

let me set the scene: monday morning and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes aching to be put away, all of which remind me of the previous night's successful meal. i'll go ahead and get a little braggy braggy because it isn't everyday or even once a month *read ever* that a successful meal takes place inside our home. so, we are rushing to get ready and devon and jason are just waking up- i open the dishwasher at the exact time dear devon enters the kitchen and BAM a roach the size of any old roach you'd find in st. louis, i assume, is scurrying along the bottom of that darn dishwasher. seriously?


Corinne said...

seriously...welcome to the stl! miss y'all!

Beth said...

Ok, that's terrible, but listen to this. My house in Athens was completely invested with roaches. We had this guy come out and spray and he told us to expect all the roaches to come out and die a slow death.....we killed 20 roaches one day! Isn't that discusting??