Sunday, September 16, 2007


adorably pregnant Devon and her I-wish-I-was-adorably-pregnant? husband Jason

Well, my dear friend from high school and her hubby came to town to visit the other weekend- and it was such a sweet visit. I gotta tell ya, moving away after high school as my family did, makes it really difficult to stay in touch with friends. While Devon and I have remained close, we do not get to see one another that often. It is that whole, "I live/d in like 5 states, all of which are in the south-turned mid-west... she lives in the Northeast" thing. We try to see one another at least once a year (gosh that sounds so depressing...) and this particular visit comes from their move across country, literally. They are going Vegas baby. I so respect that. We were delighted that they were able to stop in and see us over the weekend. Everyone needs a Devon in their life. I have mine. Obviously.

Jordan and I took them to the normal touristy things:

We introduced them to Ted Drewes. They are hooked.

We visited to arch:)

Stuffed in the tram.

We had fabulous Italian on The Hill. Devon loves Italian.

And we watched lots of sports. It was the losingest weekend... ever. The Eagles, Rams and Cardinals all managed to lose in the same weekend... thanks guys. You really threw a damper on our weekend joy.


kurtjuliannehalvorson said...

Ok, Devon's preggers belly is precious! When is she due? How exciting! Glad you guys had a fun weekend. Oh, and Kurt says that he's sorry that the Packers had to beat the Eagles. well, let's be honest, it was an awful game. go packers. Any chance Devon's going to be in Vegas this week? Kurt and I are flying out there tomorrow!!!!

Brian & Mary Hand said...

Great to see pics of Devon and Jason. I haven't seen them in forever! Last time I saw Devon was when she worked at Paperia in the King of Prussia Mall. She looks too cute prego.

Those pictures remind me of our years at DC :). Fun times.

Love your posts . . .