Friday, August 10, 2007

oh the ignorance

a tribute to our mormon ex-missonary home security salesman who had never seen a "real live" black person

yes, you are reading this correctly and yes i could leave out a few of the details above but for effect i left the facts in. i'll set the stage:
jordan and i are outside mulching the front yard area and are approached by two young gentleman who seem to be needing some direction/information regarding the area. and by needing some information, i mean selling us on their home security system. maybe not so much selling us as much as asking us to be the ones on the block who set up the system, at no charge, and then put up their pretty sign in our pretty yard so all can see, and brag to our itallian neighbors about how brilliant and life-saving this system has been. so, we were intrigued. we are going to get an alarm system anyway, why not have the installation for free? so, we let them give us their schpeel and off they went. they weren't the best salesmen, they actually weren't salesmen at all. they were advertisers, young advertisers. they were nice and we liked them. so we sat at our dinning room table and talked alarm system-turned-family talk for about 20 minutes. during that time the one young gentleman began telling us about his growing up in northern idaho.

northern idaho? isn't that where they film napolean dynamite? i love that movie. it isn't for all those wonder, it is southern idaho.

but, this young gentleman did tell us about his 2 year stint in mexico doing missions work and how his trip coming back from mexico is where he experienced one of his firsts. oh yes, he saw his first "real live" black person.

"i mean i had seen them in movies, but i had never seen one in real life"


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