Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am slothful, yes I am

In an effort to rationalize current behavior, Jordan and I made the decision on January 1 to not workout. What a fantastic resolution given the lack of exercise and exertion of energy in the Chapell household... for two years. Now, we can continue in our slothful lifestyle, guilt-free. Of all the resolutions throughout the years, this has been the most successful.

But then.

We moved to St. Louis two months ago and joined an indoor soccer league that plays every Monday night. While I do not consider this "exercise" or "working out", we did decide that our role as the weak links on the team needed to change, and the only solution would be lunges each night to strengthen our legs. So, each night at 10:00 an alarm goes off on my phone reminding us to start our lunges. By now our legs should be incredibly strong, right?

Sigh, this has been going on for roughly 3 weeks now and we have yet to do one single lunge. I am though, totally comfortable with this. The idea of us actually following through with it is, well, comical.

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