Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Number 8

I can say with wonder and gratitude that I went 3 of 4 summers my college career without training for the upcoming season. I trained the season before my freshman year out of sheer fright and duty, but it doesn't take long for S to realize that working out is not all its cracked up to be and there are better ways to spending one's time. So, I opted for the not working out summer. I don't recommend it. It makes for a grueling pre-season, but it was my cross to carry.

I had high hopes post-college career of starting over, mentally, and beginning this fantastic work-out regiment. My arms would be ripped, not the POW arms that I still carry. I would develop calves to mask the large ankles that weigh me down each day. And, my abs would be freaking jacked... in a totally feminine way of course. That quickly faded when I realized how insecure I was in the gym. I saw my former teammates and felt my "has been-ness" and knew I didn't belong there. I then walked into the weight room and laughed at that thought. I could never catch the rhythm of the elliptical and the other awkward machines just spooked me. It just didn't mesh with my style. So, I dropped that whole plan and decided that I'm fine being me. I mean the whole point was so that when pick up games and alumni got together to kick around I would not look the fool... So, my thought process was: I'll play soccer every once and a while and that will be fine. I'll never lose my touch and I'll always have my shot, right?


See, three years outside of playing almost everyday you lose your touch and you definitely lose your shot. It is quite humbling.... no it is unbelievably humbling. I think the way you get past it is you just forget you ever played and just say, "I'm here for social reasons". Which, let's be honest, that is what the girls alumni game is all about. I figured that out 2nd year.

So, as I said in a previous ramble, I am *barely* participating in an indoor soccer league each Monday night. Actually,
I am barely participating. No, I was barely participating. I'm sure next week I'll be back to barely participating, but for this week I'm basking in the glory of being back. Yes, I am back... for one week mind you. In a fantastic match against some team, I have no idea who, we won 8-6... I scored 4 goals! This is momentous only because I have managed to play up front each game, in an indoor league (where you score often) and NOT SCORED ONCE. It is quite sad, and like we discussed early, quite humbling. But, like we also discussed early, I am *barely* participating. So in honor of all this I have had my face superimposed on David Beckham. Enjoy.


Noel said...

I'm now scarred.

kurtjuliannehalvorson said...

That's one way to get the calves and ripped abs!!

Oh, our soccer years. It feels like forever that I was in shape and could sprint down the field without even thinking about it. The simple thought of sprinting down the length of a soccer field hurts. Those days are over for me, for now. Now I'm busy sprinting after these kids!

Have fun on your indoor league. Tear it up out there!! :)

Ruth said...

ahh, soccer years. everytime i go back and play i am soo bad, like lifting the foot up to trap the ball and it goes flowing through and past my foot. yeah that was my last experience. so i stick to exercising without any objects.
suzanne, love all the posting, you tell good stories:)