Saturday, July 14, 2007


I never knew I enjoyed yard work until I owned my own home. I am confident this enjoyment will pass within several weeks of constant weeding, mowing, watering and general ace-kicking, muddy-knee, sore-back days. I love my new home, in fact I'm obsessed with it. I'll invite you over and be very casual about it, unless you are a close and dear friend, and then I will talk constantly about each and every feature of this new abode. I quit coffee 8 months ago, but am back on the drink. Reunited and it feels so good. I enjoy drinking wine, some nights too much. I wish I knew more about wine. I wish I knew more about most things. Enter Jordan. He knows most about everything. I married a genius. He is also a rockstar. He is also my best friend. Aw. I know, it's freaking adorable. I am always early and I hate being late. I generally become frustrated with slow drivers, unless you are a slow driver... then I appreciate your desire for safety. I learned how to drive in the North and I think it puts me ahead in the game each morning. I am the best driver on the road. I will cut you off, and sometimes say mean things to you. I talk to drivers. When I run, I wish I was driving. I would be exuding less energy and I dwell on that with each step. I used to be athletic, but since I graduated I have not worked out once. I made a New Years resolution to NOT work out and have kept it quite successfully. I am proud and ashamed all at once. I love dogs, but only large dogs. I want a great dane. I also want a billy goat, but he will eat the plants. I love my mornings and I enjoy Real Simple. PBJs are great and Mac and Cheese is my favorite. Naps rock my world and I like saying the word "cozy". Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I ramble on voicemails and I am severely ADD.

While out celebrating Mr. Weir's 24th, Erin and I hit up the Big Buck Hunter Pro. We were too impulsive putting our quarter in... or as I would rather look at it... they were very sneaky not putting the entire cost of the game on the machine. Two whole dollars to shoot deer! Needless to say, we opted to pass.


Anonymous said...

Loved your "rambling"!! Mom

elissa said...

you crack me up. i want to hire you to write an "about me" entry for ME!