Monday, July 16, 2007


While watching David Letterman, Jordan commented, "If I kept a blog, I would blog about David Letterman".

Baby steps.

Jordan's favorite part of this show is the monologue. I prefer Dave's laugh. It seems so genuine and real. He laughs at himself and I like that.

Favorite TV shows, retired included, and in no particular order:
Late Show
Will and Grace
Colbert Report
Grey's Anatomy
Daily Show
Gilmore Girls (Jordan dislikes)
Mythbusters (I dislike)


Anonymous said...

Ya'll forgot Saved by the Bell, the show that bonded the Dirk's LG together! =)

And there is always Full House (Ranger Joe...he's the funniest guy I know...Ranger Joe)

Love ya'll!
Ashley Abbott

Amy (Hall) Smith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE!!! Hope you find some folks there in St. Louis to party hearty with in celebration :) Here's a big Philly shout out though!!

Brian & Mary Hand said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!! And, I haven't gotten to say it yet, but congrats on your new house! It sounds so cute . . . more pictures :)! (I check in here often :).

Enjoy your weekend!

Suzanne said...

Excellent call Ashley... I completely forgot about Saved by the Bell!

Add them to the list... I heart Ranger Joe.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that Greysday is not going to be the same...ever again...I miss you buddy!