Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{group think}

I want to paint our brick wall in the family room. 

I don't think Jordan wants me to paint the brick wall in the family room.

What do you guys think?


Or brown, because I'm not sure we have enough brown in our house right now.

*Rebecca, I'm looking at you for some decor support.


leslie the young mother said...

I love your family room!!!

I have no idea about the painting thing, but just felt the need let you know :)

I'm sure it'll look great whatever y'all decide!

leslie the young mother said...
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Rebecca said...

I think painting it would look great! You're right, though. You don't want to remove the little brown you have going on in the room. :)
You could start with a linen color...not white like the trim. I think Jordan would love it :)
Love you!!

HumbuckerChapell said...

Linen it is! I am keeping the stones unpainted though... at the request of Jordan:) I think you need to fly in and help a sister out with this project.

carrie dirks said...

Leave the stones! They are beautiful, I agree with Jordan.