Thursday, November 03, 2011

{in which he mourns}

This was taken opening day back in 2008. 
The original game was rained out and the night it was rescheduled was.bitter.cold.

Jordan is mourning the end of baseball season. In like a huge way. So much he keeps watching Game 6 over and over. If you've been living under a rock or following that silly sport known as "football" you should do yourself a favor and download this game on iTunes. 

Best game ever.

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the Halvorsons said...

it can't possibly be worse that the packers----football---mourning. tomatoe---tomaaato. it's ridiculous. but that's why we love them. :)

cheers to st l cardinals.

the Halvorsons said...

ok, so I just compared this picture with the picture below....both are adorable btw. but he looks beyond giddy and happy in the second...and you look like you've embraced the cardinals...kinda how i feel about de futbol. i like your cardinals gear...