Monday, June 20, 2011

{alley trash}

I drove by this on my way home this evening and rushed Jordan back with me to see it. We then walked around the block to the house it belonged to. But they didn't answer. And as proud reformed believers, we took that as a sign: the hutch belonged to us.

It was predestined, if you will.

I'm not 100% convinced this was meant to be picked up. It was technically on a neighbors property, though *so close* to the alley. And people leave bulk trash in the alley all the time in this city. It is part of the reason I so love living where we live.

So my question, friends of mine: What color shall I paint it?

It has been cleaned. Hardware removed. Perfectly ready for a good priming.

But should it be white? Or deep blue/gray? Perhaps yellow? Maybe deep green?

Please help. If I stay indecisive any longer it may just stay in the garage, unpainted and unloved.

*please disregard the oafish reflection.


the Halvorsons said...

where are you going to put it? i LOVE it! I say paint it a light grey....with dark pewter, almost black hardware. and maybe paint the inside back panel white.....or vice versa all that....hutch white with grey inside?? xoxo

Amanda said...

this is awesome! where you putting it will depend on the color....but i like yellow, gray, so many choices!

HumbuckerChapell said...

We actually don't have space for it so the location is TBD. I like the gray/white combo.

We still have the hutch you and your mom gave us! It is in our dining room.

Mama Hutch said...

i say go a little crazy. you found it in an alley - what have you got to lose? ;)