Thursday, January 27, 2011

{marme and daddio}

I love, love, love it when my parents visit. The trips always seem to short.

Way too short.

Like I kind of want them to come back this weekend and visit again.

With Heidi.
And maybe leave Heidi so we can enjoy that 90 lb fluff ball all to ourselves.

I love it when they come with treasures...

*new* typewriters. I officially have a collection!

We stayed busy thrifting and making delicious meals. Mom and I sewed a little bit... mainly she just inspired me to sew more often. And experiment. Which I did when they left.
apron.. of sorts

inspired by her and from here.

Lots of dogs... lots of love.

Notice the chair in the background?
Ya, that's the same fabric as my skirt:)


the Halvorsons said...

I'm inspired. I'm gonna pull out the sewing machine...dust it off...and try to remember how to use it. I'm really wanting to make this skirt!! it's so cute. how easy/hard was it????

Rebecca said...

I love reading your are so much like mom and I love it!