Monday, October 25, 2010

{weekend in photo}

I wish.

We managed to grab a few pictures but overall sucked up documenting the weekend. The number of photos in no way represents the amount of fun we had. In fact, we were busy enjoying the short 3 days together that we completely forgot to take them!

We decided riding the scooter was a MUST.

She was a natural. My favorite part was when she commented on her mortality as we rode on the parkway. It was just before she asked if I had my motorcycle license.

We took them to our favorite places in the city which means we went to a lot of bars.

Just kidding mom. Except not really.

And I did leave the house wearing glasses.

No, I do not need glasses.

Yes, they hurt my eyes.

Monday morning rolled around and it was PAINFUL to wake up. Even for this guy. I mean really, who sleeps like that??

It was such a good weekend. I absolutely LOVE where we live. I do wish I was closer to my family:(
Thanks for visiting you guys!
We love you!!


Jen said...

cute pic of you and rebecca!

rebecca said...

i just saw this! so cute. that was alot of fun...we are planning another trip (hope you don't mind)...thank you for an awesome visit, suz. and i can't believe how much i notice scooters now! yours is still the best, though. love you!! :)