Saturday, June 05, 2010


Tobias sleeps soundly each night. He tucks himself into the bed covers (gross, I know) and stays put until morning begins.

No, that's not right. He stays put until Jordan's morning begins. "Morning" and "Jordan's morning" can be two VERY different things.

On days I am home I get to see how he spends his day. I guess I envisioned more than what today he has offered.

I envisioned a little running around... some play time with Carowhine... getting into things that are not his...
pooping on floors that are not meant for pooping...

But he has spent his morning waking up in preparation for more sleeping. He has spent his morning doing this:

and this:
Sure, things got a little crazy when he put on his t-shirt. But that's about it. He has literally been sleeping since he woke up.

Meanwhile, Carowhine has been a little sleepy herself. That is until the cleaning lady started to do her thing.

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