Sunday, April 18, 2010

{parenting from the couch}

This is for you Charlotte sisters...

The windows were open and Caroline was in the backyard barking. Rather than get up and beat her stop her from barking I yelled from my chair, "CAROLINE!!!".

She stopped barking and I didn't have to move.

Parenting from the couch.


Rebecca said...

Oh, sweet sister. There is an art to parenting from the couch. In minor cases it works well, as your husband will usually respond if you don't move to a standing position. But in extreme cases, as they get older (not in the early years) a simple name drop and silence...usually sends them your way. Either way, they are delicious and always eager to snuggle...oh, are already in a snuggling position on the couch...parenting from the's an art. love you!!

april said...

even though i never post....sorry...i still love reading yours!

HumbuckerChapell said...

Rebecca, brilliant!

April, I miss you!