Monday, December 28, 2009

{presents and snow and caroline}

Uncle Jordan won the hearts and minds of the nieces and nephew with our gift. Straight from the heart and oozing with Jordan-isity we gifted them mini Disney camcorders from the magical website of Woot.

Our sweet 6 year old niece gave us the biggest most appreciative hug just before confessing she had no idea what it was:)

With 10 adults and 3 kids under 1 roof, hot water showers were sacred. After an especially pungent twosie, Jordan waited to flush in order to save water. The plan was to flush after the shower which ended up being too much time to remember. Someone lucky opened the lid to find a fresh surprise.

It was the gift that need not be wrapped.

It was the Christmas that kept on giving. We returned home to snow! Barely any, but still!


What a wonderful Christmas with family! I hope you too had a restful and encouraging Christmas!

Caroline was like ridiculously excited to see us. So much that we went for a walk as soon as we returned Sunday morning. Yes it was snowing. Yes it was icy. Yes we slipped the entire walk down the gravel path.

But she loved it.

I especially appreciate her sidestep/grapevine move around 5 seconds. Reminds me of Coach and reminds me of the good ole days of summer training.

"summer training"

That may confuse those who knew me in college.

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april said...

haha. no confusion here. you have always been clear about your intense 'training' efforts :)