Wednesday, December 02, 2009

on how self interest can be rewarding

Jordan set me up with google analytics a while ago, and while it is interesting, I can't help but feel so completely absorbed with ME when I view the report.

It's kind of a bold statement to start your own blog. It is an even bolder statement to track who visits, how long they stay and where they hail from.

It makes me feel... dirty? It confirms my self interest.

*hangs her head in shame*

I'm not too sure why we (Yes Jordan, I'm pulling you into this) started this, but we did and it has continued on. Who really cares about two twenty-somethings who seem to care only for their dogs? We (again, WE) write about poop and farts and dogs that more often that not... suck. Who really cares?

Apparently you. And Paris guy. Paris guy who came to find this through a google search of "i hate the cfa".

Ah, that made me smile and totally took away the feeling of selfishness. It made the report worth it. It made this thing a sort of community (!) because I am not the only person who hates the cfa. Paris guy does. Any other haters out there?

**Other fun searches**
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the Halvorsons said...

i hate the cfa.

but persevere!!

:) juls

My said...

wow that is so funny! i love your blog and you and i HATE the cfa:)

Brigette said...

It's interesting (and a huge time waster, as I know all too well) to look and see how people found your blog. I found yours by searching "Pottery Barn Suppertime" in hopes of replacing broken dishes from a discontinued pattern (which the lying PB salesman SWORE to me would be open stock forever). That took me to your post about your new job with Starbucks coffee and PB mugs. I, too, need a good mug for my good coffee.