Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jordan's birthday

Yesterday was Jordan's birthday. While walking into dinner I asked him what 26 feels like.

Am I supposed to say: Just like 25?

Sure. But I hope 26 for you is better than 26 was for me.

Oh gotcha, was the the year we were in Charlotte?

I let it slide. I'm 16 months older than Jordan. We lived in CTL for 1 year and we have been in STL for 2.5 years.

But I love that guy.

I love that he refers to his new iTouch as our new iTouch. I love that on his birthday he has simple needs: waffles, brownies, gatorade. Please ignore the fact that he was without waffles for the first 10 hours of his birthday. I love his thoughtfulness and his generosity. I appreciate his selflessness with little things like letting me drive the new car (seriously Jordan, I appreciate that). I love his calm spirit. I love to hear him talk about all the random things he is reading about online. I appreciate that he remembers these things days and weeks later. I appreciate this because I cannot... Remember, I'm severely ADD. I love to hear him sing in church. I love to hear him play guitar on lazy afternoons. I love that he cooks with me and I love that he's king of our grille. I appreciate that he tells me how to use the grille without ever starting the directions with "remember last time when I told you". I love his love for technology. I love his love for good sound. I love that he is most excited about today's show because I have never been to a choral concert. I love that my marriage to him has broadened my vocabulary with words like choral, instrumentation and soft palette. I love sitting on the porch with him at night with wine. I love that he hates coffee but always asks if I would like some. I love that he is quick to forgive others. I love that he loves Jesus and that his love for Jesus is infectious. Basically, I am 100% in love with my husband.

Happy Birthday Jordan. I love you.


Alina said...

Beautiful. Happy Birthday! Glad you are are on your way to good health!

carrie dirks said...

Happy Birthday Jordan...your wife really really loves you...FYI.

Design A-Peele said...

Wow! What an amazing "letter" to the hubs. You are a sweet wife to recognize all of his strengths!!