Monday, December 21, 2009

{dining room chandelier}

So I know that this chandelier will never resemble this one, but I can hope right?

Please ignore the meringue-like ceiling. We removed the same ceiling in our entry and family room this summer. If I can say that the dining room is a prettier version of what we removed, I will. But the dining room ceiling will never fall into the category of pretty. At the most it is interesting. A more accurate description is hideous. But for now the dining room ceiling will stay.

The dust and grime that is on this chandelier is... abundant? Ever present? Obvious? Disheartening?

But we need to do something with what we inherited. I wish I knew how old this chandelier is. I wish I knew how much the original owners paid for it.

What I really wish is to know what was in the minds of the owners when they put up the ceiling. But we are not here to discuss that. That question will remain in my Questions For God book.

I have started the process of removing the glass for cleaning. I don't know if you can see, but lining the brass are small beads. My first thought was to remove these but as I started to I realized the one side hides the electrical wire.

Any suggestions? Should I keep the small beads? Is there another option to hiding the wire?

A quick google search landed me here. Kind of informative but I'm looking for more "here is what I learned" rather than random people suggesting to paint or not to paint. I think my mind is made up. I'm cleaning and I'm painting.

I'm looking for guidance from those who have gone before me. I'm looking for chandelier life-lessons.

Should I paint it black and avoid putting all the glass back on? Should I put most of the glass back on? Does anyone want to do this for me?


Design A-Peele said...

SEND IT TO ME!!!! I'll do it for you! Although, you might not get it back! haha :) ok, in all seriousness, I think you should clean it all up and put all the pieces back on. Then if you still don't like it paint it black, but put all the pieces back on. I'll you you'll like it! I have been searching for one like this for a while. So hang on to that sucker!

HumbuckerChapell said...

If only we lived closer...

I will have to take a mini-break as we are leaving town, but as soon as we get back I am cleaning this bad boy! I'll have to take pictures and show the updated, cleaned version.

Thanks for the suggestion!