Wednesday, November 25, 2009

in ALL things, give thanks

Praise God that Jordan is home!
Praise God that he is feeling (and looking!) much better!

So much to be thankful for! Considering the past couple weeks, what is fresh on our hearts is health and YOU!

** We are thankful for caring nurses and knowledgeable doctors **
** We are thankful for a successful surgery **
** We are thankful for finally being on the road to recovery **
** We are thankful for hospital visits, phone calls, messages of encouragement **
** We are thankful for the COUNTLESS offers to help **
** We are thankful for sweet family who cared for our dogs while Jordan was in the hospital **
** We are thankful for understanding employers **
** We are thankful for care packages and get-well cards **
** We are thankful for your prayer and concern **

At times we can be so far removed from struggle and fall into satisfaction with life as it is now... it can take small setbacks (or unexpected surgery) that make us LONG for restoration... make us long to be eternally removed from pain and brokenness. Our lives are always broken- our minds know this- but rarely do we FEEL the brokenness. God has been good to us as He has encouraged us and provided mental and emotional strength to walk through this... through life! We are thankful for His provision!

Enjoy your thanksgiving... in all things, give thanks!

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Emmie said...

Yea! We are so happy to hear that Jordan is home and on his way to a full recovery. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!