Saturday, October 03, 2009

Surprise Surprise! Dogs.

This video.

I certainly teared up a bit. And yes know this furthers me becoming that person. That dog person. Maybe I'm ok with that.

I'm also ok with this. I understand if you are not. But after the game last night I needed a little laughter. I needed a little dog-in-bra.

Mom and sisters, I washed it!

I went to the Cardinals game with a dear friend last night and after watching them have several fantastic innings we watched them break down. It has been a long time since I have been to a sporting event where people were so mad and so vocal about their anger.

Clearly the players were idiots.
Clearly we spectators can do what you professional players cannot.
Clearly we are better people and better citizens than you.
Clearly you deserve to *blankety blank blank off* for wasting my time and my money.

It was a glimpse into the heart of a Philly sports fan. If you have not experienced it, please do. It's raw and I love and miss it.

Being away from it for as long as I have (did I ever really live there?) I have forgotten what it is like.

Thanks STL for allowing me to remember.

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