Saturday, October 17, 2009

A day in the life of...

Through all the congestion I am still able to determine that Toby is indeed gassy.

This morning Jordan and I woke up (read: I woke Jordan up as I was already awake for an hour +, that's love people) and decided to declare today Chapell Work Day, 2009.
So I pulled the empty trash bin out of the scary garage, brought the rake up to the front yard, and began raking.
Question for the readers: Do you also think of King Triton when you see that stake? Don't let this sway you on your decision, but we do. For hours (read: 30 minutes) I raked and raked until I was so flipping hot and sweaty that I had to take a 5 minute break. Upon returning from my break (I ate oatmeal, drank water) I basked in the progress from the hours of labor (again, 30ish minutes). Almost immediately (I shan't become too boastful) I looked up and saw this:
Big, exaggerated *sigh*
There will clearly be another work day in our future. So many leaves yet to fall. So many.

Caroline and Toby took turns whining to go outside, whining to come back inside, whining to go on a walk, whining to eat, whining to drink, whining to be free from their captivity.
All in all, success. The front yard was raked, Jordan painted the trim in the bathroom and this afternoon we will paint the walls, Grey clouds from Sherwin Williams.

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Rebecca Woolery said...

Yes, yes, yes! We are the daughters of Tritan! Great father who loves us and named us well...