Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ceiling, an update

It would have been fantastic to document this process... well, better than we have. But our camera has been MIA and my cell phone doesn't want to store any pictures so only Jordan can take photos of the before, during and after. It all seems so high maintenance. And it is, and we are.

An update. The drywall is up, electrical almost complete. Our friendly contractor man Joe will be returning Monday to mud and tape the ceiling. I really have no idea what that is and it just sounds messy to me.

Ok friends, we are looking for suggestions for the fireplace. While we LOVE the dirty brick we are looking for a little update. Those large grey pieces of stone have bills of sale, photos, wills and birth certificates on them. And while we want to keep the history of this home alive we want to remove anything other than a distant memory away. We will surely tell people about it, we just don't want them to ever see it. No freaky cave-like ceilings. No senior pictures circa 1930. No jacked-up doors (oh we'll write about that sometime soon...but so you know what is ahead the door/lock man came by today and he was all EXPLETIVE THIS and EXPLETIVE THAT). So suggest away!

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My said...

wow! that's the same ceiling?! looks amazing!