Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some things you may not know about this man we call Big Lar.

* He wakes up at the crack of dawn everyday. He did this when he was he working and he has taken it into retirement.

* He can garden like it is nobody's business. This man can (and does) create such GORGEOUS flower beds. His thoughtfulness and labor has made my parent's backyard a haven for beauty. It is incredible. He cared for and organized the flowers that we had at our wedding reception. Blue/purple hydrangeas in white pots on every table. He then gave some to each of the kids so we could plant them in our yards.

* He is a prayer warrior. In conversation you mention something you are struggling with or you call him up specifically for prayer and he does- right then and on the phone. He stops what he is doing and prays. Go ahead and ask him for prayer because he will literally do it the moment you stop talking.

* His coffee making skills are unbeatable. He has this super duper method that will knock your socks off, while waking you up no less.

* He is the ultimate negotiator. He was when he worked and he continues with his plants. He once set up a garden in our backyard for less than $1/plant. I'm not talking little geraniums. I'm talking hydrangeas, roses, hostas, summer sorbet. He don't mess around.

* One of his favorite songs is American Pie. I listened to that song over and over again when I was younger trying to learn the words just so I could sing along with him. He's fun to sing along with on car trips.

* He taught me to be 15 minutes early, always. While I don't jingle my keys 15 minutes before we need to leave I do begin anxiously pacing.

* His favorite sports teams all hail from Chicago, his hometown. He also cheers for the Boilermakers.

With the great computer crash of 2009 I do not have any accessible pictures online of my father. Picture him tall, strong with lots of dark hair. Now picture more thicker, darker hair. A little thicker. There you go. He has blue eyes.

Happy Father's Day- love you lots.

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Rebecca said...

I love it, Suz. So true, and I miss him like crazy. Somehow, I missed the lesson on being 15 min. early...I need to go back and attend that lecture.
We were blessed with a great papa, that's for sure! I love you!!