Sunday, May 24, 2009

I really did it...

I have this mental Top 30 Before 30 list going on in my head. They range anywhere from *get a tattoo* to *start and maintain a vegetable garden* to *get my motorcycle license AND get a motorcycle*. It is an ever evolving list (semi-permanently removed eyebrow piercing) though some of the items are in it to win it and will not be removed. For instance, go to the zoo.

Now what I am NOT saying is "go to the STL zoo" or "go to any zoo this year". What I am saying is for the first time in my life walk through the entrance of a legitimate zoo and partake in the excitement that is monkey's eating their poo, elephants tee-teeing, etc. I feel less a part of the adult world with my lack of zoo experience. I feel lost and unsure of myself when people around me refer to this place. It has been quite difficult, though I have survived.

Yesterday I crossed this off my list as I walked through the entrance of the STL zoo at exactly 3:04 pm. It was lovely and except for Six Flags I have never witnessed so many sweaty backs and wife-beaters. High-five to class people.

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