Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our weekend in a nutshell:

*Drive to Nashville. Caroline taking up the entire backseat of the car and Toby sitting on my lap. The entire drive.

*Arrive in Nashville where dogs immediately morph from sweet, precious puppies that we love and are proud of to mean, vicious beasts that we want to get rid of. It was amazing- like literally within 2 minutes I was cashing in on the dobe.

*Spend relaxing morning, afternoon and evening with my parents and g-parent.

*Worship with parents at their church.

*Feast on a fantastic Easter lunch at the complete perfect time of the day (wink wink).

*Drive home and begin the week-long process of organizing, cleaning and preparing our home to go on the market.

Regarding the last one- terrible time to sell, homes are just sitting for months on end, you are an idiot for trying to sell in this economic climate... I hear ya. I get it. But we are. So if you or someone you know want to buy our house- BUY IT. Seriously.


linder said...

I love you, "blog author"!! Mom

the Halvorsons said...

are yall moving? are you staying in st.louis?