Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Did somebody call for the long arm of the law?

So we have new neighbors. Where there were once two women (flashback: the two women who woke us up to tell us someone hit our car in the middle of the night) there are now two boys/men.

Jordan met them the other weekend. The closing line to this meeting/greeting was, "WE'RE BIG DRINKERS!"

The other night we saw a police officer walking into their home and the conversation basically went like this:

J-Man: Look a police officer. I guess one of them is a cop.

Me: A police officer that says, "WE'RE BIG DRINKERS" to his new neighbors?

J-Man: Maybe he's a stripper.

Sorry all, this is just a long and kind of roundabout way to say that this observation (read: possible fact) made us think of this clip:

I don't know what I feel safer with: A big drinker police officer or a big drinker stripper. You are probably thinking I should go with A, big drinker police officer, but I'm thinking the big drinker stripper can manage some tough situations... being a stripper and all. Regardless, it further adds to the melting pot that is our street.

Also, sorry for the poor quality. Apparently Danny Devito on a canceled TV show isn't a popular video.

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Mama Hutch said...

Ha! Where once there were lesbians, there now are...hmmm.

Our neighborhood is confusing.