Monday, March 23, 2009

Don Draper

And by drink I meant trip to Target. I survived said migraine with the aid of Frova- the little pill that makes life horribly worse and then fantastically better. After Frova made me want to throw myself into the office windows and down 3 stories (thanks nausea!) I recovered. I recovered so well I came home and sewed some curtains, did laundry, put together an excel spreadsheet of all my coupons (no comment), watched an episode of Mad Men, and ran to Target. I love you Hampton Target just 1 mile away from the house. I also love you excel.

I'm finishing my spreadsheet with the help of Chicago.

Did you know that Jon Hamm grew up in STL? That makes us all a little famous.

This picture totally reminds me of "Look Away".

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