Monday, February 23, 2009

sit caroline. roll over. good girl.

Oh sweet STL Coupon lady... you make me happy.

I'm cracking down on my expenditures and trying to be a tad more *frugal* Up until now I believed that gas and groceries were FREEBIES and it didn't matter how much I spent. I fell victim to the credit card game and since I never logged onto it nor paid it (Jordan did... don't worry people we pay our CC) I just thought the money that went out for it all never actually came out. Oh foolish Suzanne. Dad said the money tree ended 5.15.05 and somehow that didn't translate to gas and groceries.

SO... new year, new leaf, new game. I met someone and she tells me almost everyday how I can save money and take advantage of discounts. If you are in STL MEET HER.

Again, I'm new at this so don't judge me BUT I just saved a whopping $7.79 tonight at Walgreens, plus I have a $1.00 off my next Walgreens purchase coupon because of all this shenanigans. Yeppers. I bought:
Excedrin for $1.99 (24 count)
Loreal nailpolish for $4.99
Loreal nailpolish for $4.99
Reynolds Wrap for $1.69
That's $13.66 for you English majors-- before tax. Add on the $0.48 in tax and we are at $14.14.

I saved:
$4.99 on the Buy 1 get 1 free Loreal nailpolish
$0.80 on the Walgreens Reynolds wrap coupon
$1.00 on the Manufacturers Reynolds wrap coupon
$1.00 on the Manufacturers Excedrin coupon
For a total of $7.79.

I paid $6.35 for the above. Probably to the experienced couponier this isn't much to brag about, but re-read the beginning of this post to better understand why it is to me.

New year, new habits. I'm off to do some jumping jacks.

*feel free to correct my grammar. seriously.

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Amanda said...

thanks suzanne! awesome website! i am all about frugality! =)