Saturday, February 14, 2009

O Tannenbaum

Not really 'tis the season, yes, but in sorting through old photos I wanted to pull all the Christmas tree pics. Probably this most recent one was my favorite- the tree had this brilliant curve towards the top. It was sad and in need of some TLC. Christmas 2 in Charlotte we kept our tree up until almost March. If we ever had the condo door open to the balcony we could hear people comment on how *idiotic* it was to keep the Christmas tree up that long. So we did miss the tree pickup and had to call in a special one to our condos. Yes of course they chose to pickup in the section that was not our own and so we were (read: J was) forced to drag that dried up thing all the way up the street. There was a trail of needles for months. One thing I was super pumped about was the fact that our tree, our not-watered-in-weeks tree, never failed to provide that beautiful Christmas tree smell.

Christmas 1, 2005 - Lookout

Christmas-ish 2, 2006 - CLT

Christmas 3, 2007 - STL

Christmas 4, 2008 - STL

Happy Anniversary to Dad and Mom Jenkins- 40 years!

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