Saturday, December 06, 2008

I have now cleaned the floors 4x since last night.

Five boxes of Ghirardelli chocolate brownies for Jordan's birthday: $10.00

Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting of now chocolate-filled doggies: $2.29

Witnessing Caroline vomit three times on trip to animal hospital: My sanity

Animal emergency room visit at midnight to treat could-be dying doggies with charcoal and fluids: $260.00

Cleaning out the car after returning home, barricading the dogs in the kitchen and cleaning the now destroyed house: Sleep which indirectly means any ounce of positive attitude/cheery spirit and patience.

Dry cleaning visit for now charcoal-stained duvet and down comforter: $50.00

Amount I would pay to resume life as usual with clean comforter & duvet, mildly-healthy dogs and brownie-filled husband: Apparently $322.29, my sanity & sleep.

I came home Friday night to find a house filled with brownie mix, two hyperactive dogs and boxes, papers and tissues covering the floors, bed, couch, chair, etc. I called Jordan panicking- something I regret since it was close to midnight and he was in Chicago for his test the next morning (i.e. NOW). I then called Webster Animal Hospital panicking. After forcing hydrogen peroxide down their throats we hopped in the car and drove to Webster- amid Caroline projectile vomiting chunks of food in a thick chocolate syrup. They treated the pups and sent us home. Their apparent need for supervision today kept me from taking the megabus to Chicago and meet Jordan. Their pathetic behavior is softening my heart toward the situation and allowing me to forget how upset and frustrated and irritated and generally ticked off I was last night. I think after you realize they are not dying you just.get.pissed. And pissed I was. Caroline whined the ENTIRE night from the kitchen. I barely slept and our house now smells like powdered chocolate. Thankfully not charcoal though I have no idea what charcoal would smell like. They are alive, resting and continuing to throw up. Toby tinkled 3x on the floor during the night- maybe his way to telling me *business as usual*.

A bit whiney this morning. Cheering up for Jordan's return home tonight- yea!

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leslie. said...

oh no!!! what a sad sad story. pass along a scolding from Mable. however, my parent's dog ate a tub of cookie dough this morning..that's right. the whole tub. and some plastic along with it. however, i AM so glad they're better...they're the best doggies!