Saturday, October 18, 2008

I think neighbor Ray is drinking

I am sitting outside and I mean wow. Fall is here and it is splendid. Jordan cut the grass for hopefully the last time this season. He line trimmed. I like line trimming. Toblerone is leashed up and just basking. Carowhiney is out back probably digging. No worries, she'll get her beat down shortly. All the plants are going away for the winter and underneath our pine tree are the hostas, plant-that-should-not-be-there, and the dead plant. Dead plant died shortly after we moved in. Lack of water? Probably. We have discussed pulling it out and pitching it but it sort of feels like pulling the plug on the vegetable relative. It could still have life but just does not show evidence of it. No, rather we are that lazy. I think of it each time I walk by it, look out the window, and my dad comes in town. Each time I think, "next time". We are about 200x past next time. I could say that it is symbolic of my sin or at least failure to remove sin in my life. We all know I am not that deep and thoughtful.
Earlier today Jordan brought up one of the extra doors for our front door. You see, our front door is oddly shaped. It peeks at the top. It is lovely. This door is one of the things that drew us in when looking for a home. That and the floors. Love me those floors. Well, love me those floors after they are cleaned and the dogs are still outside. Anywho,I cleaned off the door and Jordan is at Home Depot looking for hinges. The red door will stay though this new one will go on top- a storm door of sorts. Back in 7th grade I used to wear the perfume Red Door. 2 things wrong with that. Why was I wearing perfume in 7th grade and why oh why would I pick the most elderly-smelling perfume around? I eventually moved on to CK1. We all did at some point. It was a time in my life when being uni-sex was cool.
Neighbor Ray just walked outside, bare chested as usual, glanced at me at the dog, threw his food on the grass and went back inside. I waved and said hello but he just stammered away. I think he's been drinking again.


april said...

i worked out again. all muscles hurt.
btw, i disagree with your "we all know that i'm not that deep" comment

The Lucht family said...

Suzanne, I have to tell you that I wore Red Door in Jr. High too! I have no idea how I got my hands on it. . . although I assume it was a hand-me-down from my step-mom. I then graduated to Gucci Envy. I remember feeling like a truly sexy diva when I would spritz that stuff on! A sexy, 14 year old, DIVA.

the Halvorsons said...

CK1...taking me back..Before that, I wore Debbie Gibson Electric Youth. Seriously? Seriously.

HumbuckerChapell said...

While us girls were wearing CK1 and such, the boys were wearing Brut and Draker.