Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will just got a wet willy

I'm watching Caroline awkwardly figure out which spot, position and area inhibit her least. Couch? Out. Bed? Not tonight. Chair covered in filthy towel? Toby is on it. Dining room floor in the dark? Sure.

See earlier in the day I was thinking about this pedometer that now rules my life and in a conversation with two mothers I thought of the very person that wrote earlier about hers. Interesting timing.

Our office got pedometers. Eh We want to track our steps each day. Sweet? It is a competition. I'm in! Years earlier I claimed to my sweet and usually agreeable husband that I was not in fact competitive. He intuitively told me that I was extremely competitive. I told him he was out of his mind and he obviously did not know me. Er. Meet us 30 minutes ago with Jordan picking me up in the pouring rain as I insist on walking because, "I'm behind in my day's count". Poor Caroline. She veered to the bushes for cover and she steered me to walk under the restaurant's canopies. Caroline, dear. You win? Seriously?

Karen is my favorite.

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april said...

i've been trying to deny my competitiveness for years...