Thursday, May 29, 2008

we did take a picture, and it will last longer

Er... excuse me sir... but your bum is exposed FOR ALL OF CARDINAL STADIUM TO SEE. Do you mind if I snap a picture to remember this moment? Good. I just did. So did the guys sitting next to me. Cheers to you and your overexposed self.


Alina said...

Nice, Suzanne. I love the grainy quality of the picture...I can just imagine you sneakily taking this shot. Thanks for sharing!!

Ramona Lisa said...

The caption is funnier than the photo...although I so want to drop a quarter in there. Do you have any tekkie friends who can make this photo into an animated blue-jean slot-machine? I'll stay tuned.

Sean Michael Lucas said...

THAT is funny. In a sad sort of way. Maybe. Oh, nevermind.