Monday, May 05, 2008

cubs or cards?

raised a cubbie, married a cardinal. what to do, what to do?

I chose and I think (all you St. Louisans read: know) I chose well.

I forwarded this blog to my father, the cubbie that raised me:

Continuing Proof that Good Triumphs Over Evil

Cards take two out of three from the Cubs (or as we call 'em in our house, "The Devil's Team").

And his response was this:

I don't believe you know what that means. How can you call the Cubs evil. That's like calling mom and apple pie evil. The Cubs carry the banner for everyone who has been on the short end of the success stick (failure). In spite of their lack of success they continue to 'bring em in to the house'; That incompetence can succeed. How many people can tell you how many World Series the Cardinals have won in the last 100 years? No one except the Cardinal nerd but everyone knows how many World Series the Cubs have one in that same period of time. How many cities can be held captive to a goat for 63 years while the former hapless Boston Redsocks overcame the curse of the great Bambino. Now there is a city that doesn't know how to hang on to the millstone on their collective necks. No, saying the Cubs are evil is like saying umpires do an excellent job. Both comments are so far from the truth that disclaimers are no longer needed because the obvious will come forth on its own. St. Louis has had to build new stadiums twice to entice fans to come to their games while the Cubs continue to play in the same stadium in the middle of a residential area with no parking and yet they come. The original phrase, " Build it and they will come" was meant for P.K. Wrigley when he first built Wrigley Field. What better fans are there than the "Bleacher Bums" in Wrigley where the tradition of throwing back onto the field an opponents home run. Many other stadiums now mimic that act of rebellion. The Cubs Evil? Greats like Roy Smalley, Harry Chiti, Sam Taylor, and many others have all contributed to the Cubs reign of incompetence with an effort bordering on malfeasance. Evil can't do that. It would be exposed for the fraud that it is. Only the St. Louis Cardinals, the home of that "evil" brew,the Budweiser could pull of such a perversion of the truth. Nay the Cubs are not Evil. Far from it. I suggest you go back to the originator of such deceit and remember that phrase "me thinks thy protesteth too much."

you have to appreciate that heart... that dedication. I do.


Sean Michael Lucas said...

Wow. Now I'm actually afraid to go with him to a Cubs game (as we are going to do on May 28). :-) sml

Jess said...

Amen and amen! Brad and I bleed Cubby blue!

april said...

that was an amazing response! love it

HumbuckerChapell said...

We are going to the Cubs/Cards game in Chicago at the end of the season... Jordan and I will be surrounded by cubbies- both strangers and family. Wish us luck.