Sunday, March 02, 2008


I just did it. IT. I opened my first subscription of Prevention and actually read... briefly skimmed mind you... but words met my eyes and I sorted through the optimistic paranoia they were attempting. Did I describe that correctly? Because that's the hurdle that stood between me and it.

About 2 or 3 months ago as Jordan and I were sorting through the pile of mail on our table we found Prevention magazine. Uggg, what is that? Who? Throw it away. I don't want to look Fabulous After 40! I don't want to learn the fun memory trucks that Brain Experts Love and I already love the way I eat thank you very little. The funny thing was at the time of the mail sorting I never made the connection of who was sending this to me... in spite of a recent conversation my mother and I had over Christmas about how my high heel shoes were causing the latest and greatest thing. I'll save you the details, and no, they were not causing it. But Prevention spoke of this possible connection so there was worry and so the discussion was had. It was light and we all giggled and I poked fun at this little magazine so snug in it's plastic wrap so not to be ruined by rainy days. What is that about?

So the first subscription was tossed, I think. Yes my name was on it... but whatever.

A month later the second subscription came and my suspicions grew. I flipped that little magazine, still in the plastic wrap, over and gasped, "MOM!" She did it. She ordered me a real-life subscription to "Smart ways to live well" and "Nature's Secret FAT BURNER!".

Several weeks later we took a trip to Nashville and while visiting this little magazine fiasco came up. Yes indeed mother dearest has been ordering me this gem. After much discourse about why throwing it away was a waste and how it was really silly of me to not make the connection that it was my subscription when my name was in fact on it I promised to read it.

And so Mom I am, or I was until I started writing. Your little girl is reading it. And also, I bought vitamins today. Granted they were Flintstones vitamins, but I am taking double what a kid should take so I am getting the nutrition I need. Your little girl is growing up... kind of.

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leslie. said...

flinstone's vitamins are awesome. who says kids get to have all the fun???

*that is code for "i take them too" - been taking them for years :)

so enjoy them! the purple are the best, haha