Saturday, February 09, 2008

Roosters and Uma

One great thing about friends from out of town is the new restaurants you go to. You go to the city-ish places you may not have yet discovered or know about but have only talked about ever since you have been here.

Not this gang.

We ventured to one of J's and my favorite places in the city with the gang and then onto everyone's favorite Chocolate Bar. Lovely, as always. Except the waiter, but that's ok. He went ahead and included his 20% so I think he's ok without my approval. What we discovered at the Chocolate Bar was printed on the chocolate brown menus in the faint beige font was "visit our sister restaurant Roosters".

So we did, today.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. And this is reason number, er, 18 why I love it when friends like Summer D come in town to visit. You read things, as difficult as they may be to make out in the dim lighting that restaurants may provide for those forced intimate settings, and you actually go there the next morning.
We didn't just talk the talk.

St. Louis downtown is lacking in everything but smell, but next to this restaurant was a great little store, Uma. Now I love Uma. I think I'm obsessed with Uma. Uma had the fireplace that Jordan and I have been wanting to put in our house for about 3x the price.

What caught our eye was the black, green and orange toilet paper in the window. Odd. Oddly soft too.

Anyway, so much to love and so much to turn down in that store. Another day perhaps.

All you St. Louisans should visit Roosters. Yummy.


Rachel said...

so suz, i know we weren't close in college, but i've been enjoying popping in on your blog occasionally and pretending i'm one of those friends you'd go to a fun restaurant with :) hope you guys are well! enjoying your state and wawa's. that's one thing st. louis lacks.


Suzanne said...

We would totally go to Roosters and Uma and all the other fun little spots STL has to offer... though promise you'll bring me some ground Wawa coffee and a preserved hoagie. The date is not contingent on that, rest assured.
I loved seeing you when you were in town *last year* Jordan and I are working on a plan for a trip to Philly sometime this year. We'll make sure you are in town and we'll smuggle April in the car.

gretchensproul said...

seriously? you're coming to PA? Rachel and I are friends now, so we could all get together. Especially if you bring my favorite cousin. Man, this whole friendship thing is working out beautifully!

Girls of the STL said...

Oh good! Well I'm glad you want to get together, because I wondered if you thought it would be weird if I wanted to... haha.

Jordan has never been and since I grew up there, we really want to come and visit the fabulous place that is.