Wednesday, February 13, 2008

car line, parks and steaks

Driving into work I pass a school in Kirkwood every morning. I see these two girls on either side of the 4-way stop with their pony-tails and awakrdly small stop signs and wonder, "will cars actually take you serious?" Not my problem...and regardless, I have never been stuck in that horrid *car line* traffic until this morning.

I was running late. Coffee and chit chat was taking precedence on the day's start.

And then I realized why it is oh-so important to not coffee starting at 7:30 and not chit chat with hubs, especially when zombie-like state is still set in.

Mini-vans were everywhere. And don't get me started on mini-vans... they clearly do not make the top 30 before 30. I still hold the position that when we have our 5 kids and if we have a car that does not hold all the chitlings, I will take said children in shifts to destination. Mini-van? Hail no. Call me a snob, call me impractical... sticks and stones people. Sticks and freaking stones.

So, I am seeing these mini-vans pour out of the sky, seemingly from hell, and it occurred to me that my mother and virtually every mother in the greater Philly area never experienced Car Line. Now... Come to the greater STL area and you will find every working mother, stay-at-home mom and dad in this line... everyday. I just don't get it. Where are the buses? Who are these kids that they aren't riding the Blue Birds and special short buses? J-Man never rode the bus. His precious bum never sat on the awkwardly cushioned bench without seatbelts day in and day out. He never waited outside in the bitter cold for Mr. Eckles who slammed on the brakes at the last minute seeming like he was going to pass you up when you were the sole girl waiting for his out of control, possibly could be on something while driving this....bus. He didn't. And if you are a St. Louisan, chances are you didn't either.

I just don't get it. But what I am seeing down the road is this car line... calling my name... cackling and mocking me. It already haunts me, though parenthood is like eons away and then school even further... but still. Car Line? Me? Dude... I was driven... I don't drive.

You may not know this:
STL boasts having Forest Park- larger than Central Park. We also have the slightly well less known Ken Conner Park located in Kirkwood, MO. So big.

And finally, I totally rocked dinner tonight. I can of course brag about this because I suck, I repeat suck at this aspect of wifey wifey. I have even digressed as we have been married. It is so sad, so sad. But, I linked to this website via my dear friend and made the Steak with Brandy Cream Sauce. Funny thing was I came home and said, "the great thing about this meal is we have everything that we need already here... let's look at the recipe". So, after we looked at the recipe we went to the store to get all the ingredients that we didn't have.

Regardless of the extra trip... the steaks were delicious. Yummers.

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