Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I ain't sc'red

My hope was to have an audio file so you could listen to the brilliance in the caller followed by the absurdity-turned-fear in the man who had to hang up on him... not because he "didn't have time for this" but because he saw the flaw in his arguments. But, the littleman has a copyright on this stuff so I have to pay money for it. And... my's money ain't going to no fool.

But, a man called into Rush and this man was a professing Christian. He posed a question. "How would you prioritize these two issues: abortion and taxes?".

Rush's response? "You can't separate one from the other. If you are going to be conservative you have to be all or nothing."

The man is allowed to have this opinion. No qualms about that. But can you as a man who starts every show with the shuttering, "I believe in GOD" equalize these two things for the sake of your political views?

I think the caller was calling regarding Rush's unwavering bashing of Huckabee (correct me if I am wrong). Why? Because of the flat tax? Because of his views of caring for the poor? Maybe. Probably. What saddens me is Christian conservatives who put their politics before their Christianity. What saddens me is Rush. If he is one who truly believes in God, and I can't doubt that... as much as I really, really want to... it so burdens me that he puts his politics before caring for the poor and those in need. He qualifies those John wrote about, as if he or any of us are qualified to disqualify them. Air on the side of generosity? Always. Will we sometimes care for some who aren't truly in need? Who cares... we are still showing Christ's love and being generous and loving. Why do we limit ourselves?

Pastors tell us often to take their sermons and test it against the word of God... to discern the truth. And we hear that and we think that's right and good. The Bereans tested Paul's words against scripture to see if it is true. Paul. Yes, Paul from the Bible. Yet, we don't take ole' Rush Limbaugh's words and brush it up against the fine tuning Word of God? Er.

Why do we not take what politicians and NEWS folk say and test it? BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY! We hear it and we bobble our heads and say, "dude sounds good... he's funny... he's sarcastic... and he's blah blah blah". We don't test it. We don't take it back and see how it parallels against teaching. We measure it up against our thinking and our values rather than His thinking and His values.

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